Haddock Chowder

Cup $8   Bowl $11.50

A traditional rich creamy broth with, potatoes, onion, and carrots served with
local organic herbed focaccia bread




Small $7 Large $11.50

Add NS Shredded Chicken Breast $4 extra


Caesar Salad

Crunchy romaine lettuce, smoked bacon bits, asiago cheese, and herbed focaccia croutons with
a light and lemon fresh dressing


Beet Salad

Diced beets, red onion, arugula, and feta, tossed in lemon balsamic vinaigrette topped with slivered almonds


Peanut Cabbage Salad

Shaved cabbage, carrots, edamame, red onion, roasted peanuts, cilantro, and crispy noodles,
tossed in a spicy peanut dressing


Kale Salad

Our own mix of kale, red cabbage, carrots, red onion, Terra Beata dried cranberries,
and roasted pumpkin seeds, tossed in a homemade creamy poppy seed dressing


** Please advise your server of any allergies so that we can try to accommodate your needs




*substitute a gluten free bun $1/bun or Schoolhouse potato millet bread $2extra


Fish Burger $12

Pan seared Atlantic Haddock, arugula, tomato, and homemade tartar served on a
local organic viennois bun, served with a side of coleslaw

*substitute small salad instead of coleslaw $4 extra


Pulled Pork Sliders $14

Slow roasted marinated pork shoulder in homemade BBQ sauce, served with tangy coleslaw on
mini local organic viennois bun


Smoked Salmon Panini $16

Atlantic Cold Smoked Salmon, lemon dill cream cheese, red onion, capers, and arugula


Chicken Cranberry Panini $12

Shredded NS chicken breast, house made Terra Beata cranberry sauce, double cream brie, and arugula


Pesto Chicken Club Panini $12

Shredded NS chicken breast, basil pesto, Oulton’s smoked bacon, arugula, and tomato


Veggie Panini $12

Sundried tomato pesto, artichokes, roasted red peppers, feta and arugula


Add to any of the above:

Small salad $7



Bruschetta $10

Basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and goat cheese warmed on a Greek style pita,
topped with baby arugula and a balsamic reduction

Add shredded NS chicken breast $4


Roasted Beet and Kale $10

Basil pesto, beets, kale, red onion and goat cheese, warmed on a Greek style pita and drizzled

with balsamic reduction

Add shredded NS chicken breast $4


Brekky Flatbread (available all day) $12

Basil Pesto, Oulton’s smoked bacon, red onion and asiago cheese topped
with two over easy eggs and fresh arugula



Choose any salad as a side to these great seafood options

Caesar, Beet, Peanut Cabbage, Kale


Traditional Salt Cod Cakes $14

Bacon, onion and summer savoury. Served with homemade rhubarb relish


Pan Fried Haddock $15

Served with rhubarb relish

*ask for baked as a gluten free option



Guacamole, with a red cabbage and carrot slaw topped with homemade mango lime and cilantro salsa,

served in two flour tortillas


6oz of Atlantic Haddock $15

Homemade BBQ Pulled Pork $14

Shredded NS Chicken Breast $14




100 Montague St. Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0